Stanley Cup

Tonight is game 6 of the Stanley Cup Final.  I fully expect a Hawk victory in dominant fashion.  Thinking 4-1.


Golfing In Chicago

Just a friendly reminder for those golfers in Chicago this summer.  It is always important to stretch before your round.  Also, remember to listen to your body if you experience any pain out on the course.  Contact me with any questions or concerns.

Josh Akin

Josh Akin Chicago Chiropractor

Hello, this is my first entry.  My name is Josh Akin.  I am a Chicago chiropractor that specializes in sports related wellness.  I attended Illinois Wesleyan for undergrad and have been practicing in Chicago and the North Shore since graduation.  In season, I also work with the Chicago Bears and the Chicago Cubs.  If you have any chiropractic questions, please leave a comment and I will get back to you ASAP.


Josh Akin